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Who are we ?

As the Kıvırcık Mats family, we continue the business we started with 100% domestic capital under the leadership of Ahmet Kumrulu in 2008 with love. 
Believing in the power of domestic capital and national production, we are on the road we set out with more than 32 years of experience and determination.
Kıvırcık Mats has the world's largest production capacity in its sector on an area of 38,400 m2.
factory established with the latest technology; Europe's first curly mat and carpet since 2008

continues its production as a manufacturer.
In recent years, with the vision we have put forward in line with our innovative and quality understanding,
Kıvırcık Mats, which has made important developments, proudly exports the name of our country to the whole world.
  is announcing.
In the light of continuous improvements for employee productivity, it can produce the best product in the most economical conditions.
Kıvırcık Mats is one of the most important actors in the world in terms of production capacity.
Breaking new ground in our country, 125 meters long PVC with an annual capacity of 15 million square meters
Curly mat with floor covering production line is confident in its way by believing in the power of knowledge and experience.
  continues with steps.
All production of our products, which are suitable for all weather conditions and are reliable with their non-flammable feature,
Every stage of the process is controlled by management systems and recorded.
Our economical and long-lasting products with 12 different color options are available according to standard and special specifications.
With the quality of Kıvırcık Matpas, PVC flooring and Vinyl carpet products are also our other brand.
It is marketed all over the world under the Ankyrafloor brand.
In addition to faultless and high quality production, our company produces by using efficient production methods.
continuously increasing its capacity, in the production of curly mats with the power of its machinery and equipment.
It has been the leading company in the industry for years. Our strength is our experienced staff and
We buy from our fully automatic controlled machine systems.
Our products complying with world standards are continuously developed with R & D studies and are of high quality, efficient and
It is offered to our customers under more economical conditions as an environmentalist.
Our production and quality team, showing the same sensitivity for all products,
Before delivering the products by strictly following the steps, all errors, if any, are revealed.
makes necessary corrective actions within the framework of error reports. In this way, Curly Mop,
continuity of quality is ensured.
Our project management department to ensure that our products reach their destination on time and without any problems.
It carries out the necessary organizations with the customer without any problems.
Kıvırcık Mats, which continues on its way with full domestic capital, is committed to technological developments.
Successfully representing our country as a world-wide brand with an open and innovative management approach.
  is doing.
In every area of your life, the curly mat provides you with more modern, healthier and more economical products.
will continue to offer.

We accomplished the challenge, we produced it!
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