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* It disinfects our shoes, which is the most microbial and bacterial item we wear, and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.

* In particular, it prevents you from unconsciously carrying and infecting the Covid-19 virus with your shoes.

You can buy Disinfectant Mop in two different types as Curly Mop or Honeycomb Mop.


Usage of Disinfectant Mop:

*After adding 50 grams of sodium hypochlorite or bleach into a bucket filled with 10 liters of water, it is mixed. This mixture is discharged into the pool compartment of the Disinfectant Mop. Thus, your shoes that come into contact with the mat will be disinfected.

*Width: 70cm     Length: 45cm

5 Disinfectant Mop Turquoise, Blue, Green, Red and Gray  Sold in different colors.

Disinfectant Mop (Curly)


Uzunluk: 45cm Genişlik: 75cm

Renkler: Turkuvaz, Mavi, Yeşil, Kırmızı, Gri.