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While Maxi Series is the highest series of Curly Mats in terms of thickness, density and durability, it is highly resistant to high level of human traffic, deformation brought by time and harsh weather conditions. The Maxi series performs surprisingly well under extremely heavy traffic and snowy/rainy weather conditions, which is rare. For example, it is ideal for Airports, train stations and government offices, or for customers who expect high performance.


Attention: Maxi Series has 2 different sizes.


one:  Thickness: 16mm Length: 12 meters Width: 120cm Weight: 4.5kg/m2

2: Thickness: 16mm Length: 15  meters Width: 100cm Weight: 4.5kg/m2

Curly Mop Maxi

₺16,432.00 Regular Price
₺8,216.00Sale Price