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Although the Midas Series is the most popular product of the Curly Mats brand, it is higher in density and weight when compared to the Lidya series. This series is ideal for places with moderate traffic. For example, it is ideal for use in sites, offices and construction sites for occupational safety in snowy and rainy weather conditions.



Technical specifications:  Thickness: 14mm   Length: 15 meters   Width: 100/120cm   Weight: 3kg/m2



Curly Mat is a non-slip, non-flammable and easy-to-clean type of mat made of PVC. It has 12 different colors to choose from.  Curly Mat has many uses. Due to the wide variety of usage areas, many curly mats produced for different purposes have emerged.

Curly Mop Midas

₺9,944.00 Regular Price
₺4,972.00Sale Price