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Disinfectant Mop

  • It disinfects our shoes, which are the most microbial and bacterial items we wear, and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.

  • In particular, it prevents you from unconsciously carrying and transmitting the Covid-19 virus with your shoes.

  • You can buy Disinfectant Mop in two different types as Curly Mop or Honeycomb Mop.


 Believing in the power of domestic capital and national production, we are on the road we set out with more than 32 years of experience and determination.  Kıvırcık Mats has the world's largest production capacity in its sector on an area of 38,400 m2.  factory established with the latest technology; Europe's first since 2008  curly mat and carpet  continues its production as a manufacturer. 

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Curly Mop

Curly mat models, which are specially designed due to the microbial and virus stages experienced during the Covid-19 process, are designed in accordance with home, hotel, workplace and other living spaces. Thanks to its anti-bacterial disinfectant feature, it is ideal for long-term use at the front of the entrances. It is designed for cleaning microbial bacterial shoes at indoor entrances. 

Anti-bacterial Curly Mop

With its anti-bacterial feature, the curly mat, which provides cleaning of dust and microorganisms accumulated on the soles of shoes after walking during the day, provides the cleaning of microbes by sinking dust and microbes to the bottom with its curly structure. 
With its special design and stylish appearance, it stays outside all day long, does not lose anything from its anti-bacterial feature and is used to stay clean for a long time. Being one of the models that can be adjusted in size and dimensions by being designed according to the characteristics of the exterior, it also offers an ideal cleaning opportunity for Covid-19. Being the first curly carpet and mat manufacturer in Europe, it has been developed for an ideal use in workplaces and common living areas by providing a guaranteed process with its private brand qualities.

Disinfectant Mop Models  

With its special structure, mat models are produced in 12 different colors and sizes. As models designed with PVC, they are especially useful with non-slip soles. As the models produced for disinfecting the soles of shoes, they have a special disinfecting structure for cleaning microbial items. Thanks to its curly structure on the top, it ensures that dirt-bearing substances such as mud, wetness and dust settle to the bottom and are disinfected. 
It can be used in many areas with its special colors and sizes, providing ideal performance for indoor and outdoor spaces. By providing a long-lasting use, it has matting features that will act extra meticulously for the Covid-19 period. It has a disinfectant feature suitable for outdoors for a clean and sterile environment.

Curly Mat Features  

The curly mat features are primarily that the curly structure on the top is fireproof for clean use. With the difference of PVC, special materials are used to make the upper part non-flammable and non-slip, and it will perform ideally for home fronts, workplaces and hotels. They are models that can be produced in long and wide sizes, ideal for long-term use. Thanks to its curly structure, it will offer the possibility of holding and pulling to the bottom, and it will offer a safe usage area thanks to its fireproof feature. 
As the first curly carpet and mat manufacturer in Europe, it has enough features for an ideal use, which ensures that all microbes and viruses are trapped in a short time with its easy-to-clean and dust-holding capacity. It provides cleaning of microbial items for your home and workplace.

Curly Doormat Special Design  

Curly models with their special designs will make you feel the ideal use of the PVP structure with its non-slip structure. Models that are specially manufactured for cleaning viruses and bacteria can be remanufactured as sizes and models according to the needs of your living and working space. 
It can be manufactured according to the width of the microbial area for length and dimensions and can be designed in 12 different colors. It offers the performance that will provide the cleaning and hygiene required for the Covid-19 process. It will also offer easy cleaning with its curly feature, 12 different color designs and options with special disinfectants. Ideal performance for both stylish and clean space.