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Disinfectant Mop

  • Curly Disinfectant Mop Disinfects Our Shoes, Which Are The Most Microbial Items We Wear, With Bleach (Sodium Hypoclarite) Included Thanks to Its Special Structure and Pattern.

  • We Can Easily Prevent Corona Virus From Entering Our Homes.

  • Curly Disinfectant Mop  With its six open flats, it can enter its body and kill the Microbes and Viruses Remaining in the Substrate with the disinfectant inside. ​​​

  • Curly Mop Can Be Easily Cleaned Thanks To Its Permeable Structure And Prevents The Spread Of Covid-19.

Getting Covid19 into Home & Office


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  • 50 grams of bleach into a bucket filled with 10 liters of water.  (Sodium Hypochlorite)  is added.
  • This mixture is discharged into the pool compartment of the Disinfectant Mop.
  • Thus, your shoes that come into contact with the mat will be disinfected.


  • It disinfects our shoes, which are the most microbial and bacterial items we wear, and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.

  • In particular, it prevents you from unconsciously carrying and transmitting the Covid-19 virus with your shoes.

  • You can buy Disinfectant Mop in two different types as Curly Mop or Honeycomb Mop.


  • Technicial Specifications:  Width: 70cm  Length: 45cm

  • 5 Disinfectant Mop Turquoise, Blue, Green, Red and Gray  Sold in different colors.

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